Jan 13, 2010


Summary: Self-talk isn't something everyone is familiar with—but it is something everyone does. If you have a tendency to tune out your emotions, you can benefit from becoming more self-aware. You and I will explore ways to do this over the coming weeks.

Do you talk to yourself? I do! And you do, too—whether you realize it or not.

The fact is, everyone 'talks' to himself or herself inside, even if it's not structured in complete sentences. The sentiment, the way we feel about ourselves, is readily apparent to others even more so than it is to you or me: The compassion we have (or don't have) for ourselves is often blatantly obvious in our actions, and especially in the way we treat others.

Take computer hackers, for example. There are all kinds of hackers out there. Some are employed by top computer companies and even the government, specifically to locate holes in security systems. Let's call them "the good guys." But my guess is the hackers who invented the elite (leet) language we learned about on Monday had little respect for themselves or others—hence their idea of being superior to mere mortals (moi) who don't even know the most basic of code language, HTML! Leetspeak has many times been embedded in code as a type of inside joke on the person or system being 'punked.' That's not a form of respect, for sure.

Over the next couple of weeks, you and I will explore some of the ways we treat others, and how this reflects (or deflects) what we're feeling inside, as well as some tools we can employ to become a little more self-aware. Keep reading!

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