Jul 21, 2010

What Type of ADD Do You Exhibit?

Summary: Did you know that ADD symptoms can suggest a specific type of ADD diagnosis? It's not as complicated as you might think. Take this brief quiz to learn more--about ADHD and you.

Have you ever been diagnosed with or thought you could pass for having ADD? Have you ever thought your spouse, romantic partner, children or even your co-workers might have it? If so, answer these questions--on your own or their behalf--to learn more:

(1) How frequently do you struggle with listening to someone else speak?
A. Often: Whether it's a formal presentation or 10-minute conversation, I'm often thinking of something else the entire time.
B. Sometimes--but mostly because I want to jump up and invite them to an adventure.

(2) Do you often lose your keys, wallet, ID or other important items?
A. Yes, even when I create a 'system' to track them.
B. No, this isn't much of a problem for me ... unless you count intentionally burying them in the snow just for a laugh!

(3) Have you ever regretted an action even as you were doing it--but not been able to stop?
A. No ... unless it was the act of interrupting someone who was speaking.
B. Yes! (Please don't make me say more.)

(4) Do you frequently overspend your budget on items you don't need, even duplicate items?
A. I have done this before, but it's not a common practice.
B. I do this all the time.

(5) Do you tell little white lies (or big ones) without even realizing you're doing it?
A. Only when the story I'm telling is really, really boring and I need to obviously exaggerate to make it more fun.
B. I think I may have a chronic problem with this.

(6) Is reading a chore for you?
A. I have a hard time paying attention to anything I read, watch or hear.
B. It can be--usually because I can't sit still for that long.

There are three basic subtypes of ADHD:
The first is known as "Predominantly Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder." The second, true ADHD, is called "Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive." "Combined" is the subset of ADD/ADHD that features symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. (A fourth subtype is known as "Not Otherwise Specified," meaning it doesn't fall easily into one of the other categories.) What category are you in? Let's look at your quiz scores:

If you answered "A" 4-6 times, your subcategory is likely inattentive. If you answered "B" 4-6 times, your subcategory is likely hyperactive-impulsive. Of course, if your answers were fifty-fifty, 3 "As" and 3 "Bs," you qualify as having combined ADD/ADHD. But if you had a hard time identifying with any of the answers, your ADD may fall into that fourth subtype--or you may not have it at all.

NOTE: This test is not meant as a substitute for a psychological evaluation or diagnosis. Its scoring system has not been ranked by any psychiatrist or psychological association. If you believe you do have ADHD, please seek professional, accredited help.

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