Jul 26, 2010


Summary: This week's WOW word is elocution. Want help with your own? After you learn what it is--by reading below--contact me at kealah@kikiproductionsinc.com for customized help.

Elocution (EL - o - KYOO - shun) - (n.) The art of effective public speaking; a style of speaking that is public.

The most obvious and effective part of communication is speaking. How well do you rate your public speaking skills? I've worked with individuals at top, executive corporate levels on their elocution, or public diction. Together, we've slowed their rate of speech, added pauses, enhanced eye contact and turned nervousness into excitement--and so much more as needed to give value to their public address messages. My favorite part about working with communications clients is seeing the thrill in their eyes after they know they've just delivered a successful speech.

The word elocution comes from the Latin eloqui, meaning to speak out. It entered the English language around the 1400s. Click this link to read about some of the world's top elocutionists to date.

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