Jul 19, 2010

WORD OF THE WEEK: Introspectional

Summary: This week's vocabulary word, introspectional, correlates to today's new poll and the current subject of ADD brain and social challenges. Read ahead to see for yourself--and then respond to the questions at the end of the post with any life lessons you care to share.

I've posted a new poll especially for those of you with ADD (or ADHD). We'll examine more thoroughly the different types of Attention Deficit Disorder later this week. But for now, I'm curious about what you struggle with the most in managing your ADD.

All this introspection has led me to consider the prime word for this week's WOW (Word of the Week): introspectional. This noun aptly defines what we're doing with brain challenges like ADHD.

Introspectional (IN - trow - SPECK - shun - uhl) - From the Latin introspectus, which comes from the verb form that means "to look inside," an introspectional can be a moment or an event of reflecting and self-examining your thoughts and feelings. The poll I've posted--that will remain open for the next week--is a perfect opportunity for a personal introspectional, if you suffer from ADD.

And after your introspective moment or two, you can share with the rest of us some of the best ways that YOU'VE learned to manage your Attention Deficit Disorder-related challenges: How do you stay organized and focused? What's your trick for sitting still for lengthy periods of time when the situation calls for it? Most importantly, how have you accepted yourself for who you are, challenges and all?

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