Apr 26, 2010


Summary: Every week, this blog shares background and definition info. on one word or set of related words in an effort to help YOU improve your vocabulary and speak your truth more clearly and concisely. Today, we take a look at a brave little word: vigilant.

In the 1400s, European clans were constantly under the threat of attack. Their primitive brains (evolution-wise) put the fight-or-flight mechanism to good use, often choosing to stand ground and fight with warrior mentalities.

No matter the size of the clan, it was common practice in such times for at least one watchman to stand guard, keeping vigil over the area night and day in an effort to stave off--or at least spot in advance--any attempted attacks from rival clans. And this is how we came to know the word vigilant.

Vigilare, the Latin for "to keep watch" or "to stay awake," has mutated into the English adjective
vigilant (VIH - jehl - ENT), which now means "alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger."

We must be vigilant against fear, ever on the lookout for those bodily sensations that remind us that we have fears, if we want to speak clearly at all times. Vigilantly searching your own body for feelings can help you be honest with yourself and with your world, regardless of the emotions that try to hold you back. Speak your truth--with vigilance--today.

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