Apr 19, 2010

WORD OF THE WEEK: Pusillanimous

Summary: Wrapping up our series on fear, we end with the word of the week, pusillanimous. Don't be cowardly about sharing tricks that help you to bravely face and defeat your fears!

Pusillanimous (PYOO - sil - AN - eh - mus) - (adj.) cowardly; lacking courage and conviction; contemptibly timid.

From the Latin words pusillus (meaning very small) and animus (meaning spirit), the word pusillanimous skulked into the English language around 1586. When you let fear override your sense of self for any reason, either at work or in your personal life, you behave pusillanimously. You can end up not only disappointing yourself and others around you, but even buying into self-loathing afterward.

What's the remedy to this? What do YOU do to talk yourself out of wimpy behavior and into bravely defeating that old nemesis, fear? Share your tips today!

I'll start: When I'm feeling fearful, one thing I like to do is repeat an affirmation (I use several that I can select from to fit the situation at hand) that makes me feel stronger inside. I've recommended this to family members, friends, and of course, to clients. It's a cinch! Bravery comes easily with the right affirmation. Then it's: Goodbye, puny and pusillanimous self-pity! Forget fear and welcome to wisdom. ... So, what works for you?

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