Apr 21, 2010

New Poll: How Do You Overcome Fear?

Summary: In my new blog poll (located in the left-hand column of the web page), I ask you to share just how you overcome fear. If you can't answer that question, what's holding you back?

The new burning question on the Beyond Talk blog is "How do you overcome fear?"

We've been learning about ways to do this for weeks now (years really, if you search the blog archive in the left-hand column). But I'm not interested in hearing what we've learned together. I'm interested in hearing what works for you. How do you, personally, overcome your own fears? Even if the answer is something that we have covered here, I want to know: What do you do when fear trips you up and threatens your ability to communicate clearly, either to yourself or to others?

You can take the poll (also located in the left-hand side of the page near the top). And you can also respond in the comments section to this blog post. If you're a Facebook fan and you're reading this in my Facebook Notes, you can comment there. And if we're connected on LinkedIn, feel free to drop me a message with your answers!

Share your strength with the world today. ... C'mon, don't be chicken!

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