Mar 22, 2010


Summary: No more spoon-feeding! This week, I'm asking you to tell me what's at the root of our weekly vocabulary word, edentate. (Pardon all the puns ....)

Today's word can describe sloths, armadillos, aardvarks—and sometimes even people. Can you think of what all these mammals have in common that they might not share with other mammals?

Well, before you run out to your nearest natural history museum, let me give you another clue: Ants are a staple in the diet of all edentata (again, sometimes even people). ... Give up? Okay, read on for the answer.

Edentate (EE - DEN - tayt) - (n./adj.) toothless / toothlessness; belonging to a species category that's toothless (as in edentata).

Next time you're looking for an insult to mutter to yourself that's not likely to start a war (in the event that it's overheard), consider this one! While I don't recommend passive-aggressiveness as a way to resolve conflict, I do agree that sometimes you just feel like venting, but have nowhere to go. Consider your audience first, of course: If they're sesquipedalians, you might be in trouble, no matter what words you mutter. And you're also out of luck if, like you, they read this blog!

For now, I'd like to turn the tables: This time, you tell me what you think the root of this word is.

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