Mar 19, 2010

WEEKLY UPDATE: Beyond Talk Grows Again

Summary: Some changes are in the works for Beyond Talk. Take this opportunity to share what would help you most in the posts to come ....

It's time for changes again at the Beyond Talk blog. Some will be subtle; all will be helpful (I hope). Your feedback is the best gauge to determine just how helpful—or unhelpful—any changes are. So, speak up! Practice sharing by pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone if necessary.

(Speaking of comfort zones, that reminds me: Next week we'll begin a series of posts about writer's block and how to overcome it. So, if you have any tips to share that work for you, don't hold back about those, either!)

The biggest change to note is that these "Weekly Updates" will be disappearing ... at least officially. You'll still get updates from me on a regular basis about new additions to the look and feel and body of the blog, but I can't promise that they'll always come on Fridays. What I can promise is that you will stay informed—and that every post will have pertinent info. on communication, whether it's the way this blog speaks to you or the way you can communicate with the world around you. Some older blog posts might be disappearing from the archives, also. But all this will be replaced with a new section (either in post format or in a call-out box) that introduces the purpose of this blog and lists some resources.

I'm also looking into adding an area where YOU can include resources. In the meantime, feel free to include them with your comments underneath any post. I'll compile them all in an easy-to-find format in the future.

Let me take this time to remind you, too, that the poll on the left-hand column of the blog is open for a couple more weeks to come—13 days, precisely. A few of you have voted. And, so far, the results are unanimous: ALL emotions trip you up when you want to concentrate! If there's one that gets you more than the others (one you'd like a little more direction with), be sure to cast your vote today. Speak your truth and be heard!

Finally, I want to thank M. Gail Upchurch, one of my Facebook fans, for the great suggestion on what to write about next. Writer's block it is!

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