Feb 22, 2010

WORD OF THE WEEK: A Sesquipedalian Night

Summary: Tonight's post comes late, but is worth the wait. Add sesquipedalian to your lengthy vocabulary this week!

Good evening! Or should I say good night? Yes, it is LATE. And, no, I did not forget about tonight's blog post. I've had a very busy day—much of it spent away from my computer. (How odd!) And it's so nice to sit down in my pajamas and finally plunk out to you the word and definition I've been eager to share all day long.

It's a word that describes you (if you, in fact, use these Monday posts the way they're meant: to boost your vocabulary).

Sesquipedalian (SES - kwi - pih - DAY - lee - en) - (adj.) one who uses big words, or possesses a large vocabulary; also a word or words with many syllables.

From the original Latin, this word literally means "a foot-and-a-half long." Is your vocabulary over a foot long yet? What big words do you like to show off when you communicate?

P.S. - Special thanks to Rose who recently e-mailed me to point out a glitch in my blog poll. I will be working to correct this shortly.

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