Sep 30, 2009

TRULY SPEAKING: The Secret to Getting What You Want

Summary: Today's post discusses the law of attraction, used in The Secret and other New Age products, and the one simple question you can ask yourself in every situation in order to communicate your needs—to yourself and those around you—best.

Surely you've heard the secret—The Secret, that is, by Rhonda Byrne. If you're someone who's managed to avoid hearing about this widely popularized book, CD set, movie or general technique, let me be the first to break it down for you: The secret to The Secret is the law of attraction, or the idea that like attracts like.

Sir Isaac Newton's law of universal gravitation states in part that "two bodies attract each other with equal and opposite force." Although there's much more to his law than this, the principle has been borrowed by New Age coaches and modern thinkers of every type to promote the law of attraction. Byrne's 'secret' is out!

So, what does this mean for you, as someone who's presently looking to improve the way you speak, write or think under pressure? Here's the second secret: *Pssst!* The more you honor your deepest desires, the more likely you are to elicit them from the world around you.

Ask yourself, "Why do I want to improve the way I communicate?" Is it for a raise or a promotion; to impress your boss or co-workers; to win that sales incentive of the new car or vacation package? If it's anywhere along these lines, your deepest desires—in this case, anyway—are financially driven. Do you want to impress a certain someone you just met or to change the way you automatically react to your significant other? If so, you're most motivated by romance right now. These are just a couple of examples that can vary from situation to situation or even moment to moment.

Asking, "What do I want most right now?" each time you feel tongue-tied or confused will help you more clearly state—first to yourself and then to the world around you—what exactly you need or want. And that will help you determine how to go about getting it gracefully.

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