Oct 2, 2009


Summary: I'm starting a creative writing course tomorrow in an effort to hone my craft & boost my skill set. What do you love? Working on yourself continuously can turn you into an expert eventually. And no matter what you love, you can always benefit from improving your communications skills.

Tomorrow the adventure begins: It's the first day of the 8-week creative writing course I've signed up for with StoryStudio Chicago. Every Saturday for the remainder of that period, I'll spend two hours plugging away on a project of my choosing, honing my craft and clocking more hours performing my passion—communicating!

What's your area of expertise? And how often do you boost your skill set?

Malcolm Gladwell, author of (among other best-sellers) the recent success story Outliers, writes that true pros spend over 10,000 hours practicing and perfecting those areas that they eventually own. That's a major investment! If you're truly serious about being one of the best in your field, you'll find a way to make almost everything you do about the thing you love most. (My professional bio references my "lifelong love affair with language" that ranges in experience from speaking before I could walk to taking journalism workshops in middle school and teaching them in college to freelancing as a corporate speechwriter in my 20s and even to constantly editing everything I read in my head!)

If you're serious about loving what you do, you'll be continuously looking to improve yourself—particularly in your chosen field. And no matter what field you choose to pursue, communicating better can always benefit you.

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