May 22, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Pouring Thoughts onto the Page

Today is not my day. Do you have them, too—the days when you oversleep, spill your coffee, fight with your spouse over space in front of the mirror, and lose your keys? Sigh! These are the days when I write a lot of "sighs" in my journal.

Journaling can be an amazing way to communicate: Not only do you practice authentic communication in print (and have an opportunity to try out new words you're just learning or play with punctuation and double-check your spelling), but you learn how to get honest and real with yourself. Once you know who you are, you can share that wonderful self with the world.

I took some time today to get real with myself by writing about it. Then I took a moment to apologize to my husband for snapping at him! I explained what was going on with me, internally, (now that I knew, thanks to my journal). Then I listened to his side. That is true communication.

Author, consultant, and fellow blogger Barbara J. Henry has a recently-published book about journaling for beginners called Journaling: Twenty-Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now. She also blogs each week about the emotional aspect of communication (fear, forgiveness, stress, even quietude). At the end of this month, Barbara will be guest blogging on Beyond Talk to share this wisdom. I'm excited about this, because it should correspond to the launch of my own re-vamped website and e-course, "Speak Your Truth," which also contains tips for beginning journalers.

Have you ever journaled or tried to journal? What was that like for you? Remember, sharing is the first and last step in the journaling process, so DO TELL!

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