May 20, 2009

TRULY SPEAKING: What do you truly want out of life?

Asking ourselves, "What do I really want the most?" is the best thing we can do—any time, any place, anywhere. But the answer can be quite different from, "What do I want right now?"

In Betsy Talbot's latest Married with Luggage blog post, she asks us to ask ourselves both of those questions—and then focus on what we learn from the differences in our answers. "What do I want right now?" can still be an important question. In fact, it can be the first question to start with in conflict resolution, especially if it's followed closely by Betsy's follow-up, "What do I want most?" (And the third and equally as important question in peace-making is always, "What do I have in common with the other party, or what do we both want?")

But Betsy asks some further thought-provoking questions this week: "What does your ideal lifestyle look like? Are you on your way to creating it? What is the hardest part for you?"

Here's my answer:

I most want to help people articulate their innermost desires for good, and to be a beacon of change for the world, one person at a time. (A friend once teased me, saying the title of my biography would be "Kealah Saves the World through Off-Hand Suggestion"!) I meet at least one small goal a day toward this greater good. The hardest part: patience!

What's your answer? I truly want to know ...

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  1. Kealah, thanks for commenting on my blog post. I think we often sabatoge our long-term goals with what we want right now because giving in is so much easier, but the flip side is that if the long-term goal is not attractive enough, we won't do the necessary work to get there. Gotta find the right lifestyle goal for yourself.

    And I love your friend's comment about saving the world through off-hand suggestions! Sounds like a really witty person!

  2. What great insight, Betsy, on balancing our views of long- & short-term goals. Well said! Thanks for speaking up. (And, BTW, I'm a real fan of *your* lifestyle goals, as well as your bravery in sharing them with the world!)


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