Sep 9, 2010

How to Think Your Way to a Better Future

Summary: From bumper stickers to résumés, today's post covers the gamut. It's all about how to change your thinking, so you can be open to life's opportunities ...

Do you ever read bumper stickers on the cars in front of you? Yesterday on the expressway, I passed a car with so many bumper stickers, I thought it had been attacked by graffiti ... until I got a little closer to it. Then I laughed!

Can a bumper sticker really change someone's mind? Maybe not. But chances are that if someone believes the slogan, it can certainly help to solidify a belief. And if a belief is really solid, it becomes that person's reality—or in other words, his or her truth.

So, if a bumper sticker—something you read in passing—can have that much power, imagine what an affirmation can do for you.

If you or someone you love suffers from depression, chances are the real culprit (next to those pesky brain chemicals that genetically predispose you or them to depressed states) is your thinking. The way we think has a major impact on our world, from the clothes we wear to the people we surround ourselves with to even the careers we pursue. For instance, so many clients come to me for résumé-related communications packages who are simply looking to change jobs, but they admit they don't have any direction on where to go next except simply "out of here." These clients ask for a generic résumé that they think will snag them their ticket to freedom. But the truth is they're actually limiting their options by not envisioning themselves as worthy of any specific next step to career growth.

I love working with clients like these, because I was once in their shoes. In my late 20s, the job I'd loved became the job I resented, simply because the path I initially envisioned for myself was not available to me there. But I was too afraid to leave the job security and strike out on my own. Today, when I can help clients to admit their worth to themselves, I get the chance to watch them make peace with their present jobs and to keep their relationships with their current employers intact as they look for something more suited to them.

Don't let fear of the economy stop you from seeking your true calling. Don't let depression rule your perspective in any aspect of life. To learn more about the secret, nagging doubts that can sneak attack your brain, check out The Mindful Way through Depression by Jon Kabat-Zinn et. al. or download the Speak Your Truth e-workbook. And change the way you think about your life and your opportunities today.

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