Oct 9, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Sweet Treats for Job-Hunters

Summary: I'm posting late today after a yummy afternoon of tasting chocolate in downtown Chicago. It was a sweet ending to a wonderful week where I also received a call from a client whose résumé I created—a first for this blue collar retiree. Do you need help with a résumé or with interview skills? KiKi Productions, Inc. (my communications company) can help!

I'm posting late today, because I spent the afternoon belatedly treating my husband to a birthday surprise: A private tour for two, courtesy of Chicago Chocolate Tours. Mmmmm! Our tour guide, Kelly, did a wonderful job of communicating the history of chocolate in general, some specifics about the chocolatiers we visited, and even some chocolate-related tie-ins to famous historic architecture and artwork around the city as we tromped through the wet weather to sample treats at five different establishments. It was well worth it!

Another topic that came up regularly in the casual conversation throughout the day was career choices. And that makes me want to share with you another experience I had this week:

I received a phone call from a client whose résumé I recently created. Newly retired, he's been looking for a blue collar-level job in his previous field—a field that used to accept applications for new hires, but like most industries in this millennium, is now insisting on résumés from every job applicant. After 30-plus years at the same job, a brand new résumé and some fresh interviewing skills were just what my client needed. It was my pleasure to help out, and I was thrilled when he called me this week to say that he'd just had a successful interview—and that some of the feedback he'd gotten was that his résumé was "one of the best they'd ever seen."

So many Americans are in this same job-hunting pattern today. If you or someone you know is looking for a little assistance in this area, consider using a professional to give you that extra edge. KiKi Productions, Inc. (my own communications company) is just one of the many communications professionals available nationwide. I work with clients both in-person, where possible, and over the phone to address chronic communication issues.

Whether you're looking to improve your résumé, build your curriculum vitae, or craft your very first résumé after a career of working without one, I'm here—and happy—to help!

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