Jun 2, 2010

I Can't Talk When I'm Emotional!

Summary: If you "can't talk" (or have a hard time communicating the way you want to) when you're emotional, check out the links below to start improving those skills today.

If the title to this post applies to you, you've come to the right blog. Beyond Talk specializes in cutting through the clutter of exaggerated emotions, so that you can say what you really mean instead of sputtering out nonsense or simply shutting down.

I'm in the process of putting together a series of guest posts around this subject. (Contact me if you're interested in guest blogging.) For now, here is a list of links that you can turn to:

- Speak-Your-Truth.com - The e-workbook sold at this site provides more than a dozen exercises designed specifically to help you recognize when and where emotions start in you, personally, as well as ways you can change your brain chemistry to speak clearly while emotional.

- Emotional Intelligence Central - Full of information on emotional intelligence, sometimes called EQ, this site reminds readers right on the home page that "Strong relationships are based on emotional intelligence."

- HelpGuide.org - This non-profit site reviews emotional health from a variety of perspectives, including for those with challenged brains.

- Pathway to Happiness - Reclaim your brain by understanding your emotions here!

The latest poll here--which just closed--shows that the majority of you readers and responders agree that it's hard for you to communicate clearly when your emotions overwhelm you. (Interestingly enough, the second largest group of Beyond Talk readers say, "I am an excellent communicator!") Where do you rank?

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