Mar 17, 2010

TRULY SPEAKING Confession: I Don't Know What to Blog about!

Summary: Have any ideas for blog topics? Share them with me!

Dear reader-friend, I have a confession: I am STUCK. I'm out of blog topics! Not permanently, I don't think (in fact, I'll be sharing with you on Friday some changes I'm going to slowly bring about here at Beyond Talk), but certainly for now ... I ... am ... stuck.

So, tell me: What do you want to hear about? What issues challenge you that either haven't been covered or have—but have left you wanting to know more?

Gail Seymour's comment about conflict resolution helped generate last week's online article "3 Basic Steps to Conflict Resolution," which I also linked to here. And Jon R. let me know he didn't agree with my thoughts on eye contact, leading to that list of links about the subject that not only generated Gail's comment, but also let you choose your own perspective. Earlier this year, Rose Mattax let me know that we share the same affirmation statement (or at least the same perfectionist issues that we need to affirm); this came after a series of posts about how—and why—to create your own affirmation.

What should the next series be about? Take a chance like Gail, Jon, Rose and others who've commented at Beyond Talk. Ask for what you want to know, and I'll personally post some insights for you. Speak up and speak your truth!

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