Feb 24, 2010

TRULY SPEAKING: Affirmations Resources

Summary: Today's post compiles a number of resources on affirmations, from detailed information (including 5 words you should never use in your customized affirmation sentence) to sample sentences and videos that you can use.

Just in case you still need a little more direction on the concept or usage of affirmations, here is a list of other great sites that can provide you with just that. Enjoy!

VitalAffirmations.com supplies—in addition to articles, e-cards and other affirmations-centered items—free daily affirmation sentences for you to use as needed. (Today's is "I regularly take time out just for me to do the things I love"—like looking up affirmations!)

This article on "The Power of Affirmations" goes in-depth into positive thinking and also provides some sample sentences that can be easily used affirmatively.

Bill Marshall's PowerAffirmations.com contains a slide show that lists the 488 affirmations he uses regularly to build confidence and success.

YouTube also contains a number of videos on affirmations. (Just type "affirmations" in the search box at the top of the page to see a list of nearly ten thousand videos!)

For some helpful hints about what your own, personally customized affirmation sentence should not contain, check out this blog post by my fellow blogger Barbara J. Henry, titled "Five Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary."

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