Feb 3, 2010

TRULY SPEAKING: Speak Your Truth Workbook Available Today

Summary: Do emotions get in the way of what you want to say—and how you want to say it? Download the Speak Your Truth communications course workbook to learn how to change your brain and get what you want out of life today.

Do emotions stop you from speaking your truth?

Whether you struggle with expressing your anger (or holding it back) or just can't seem to stay professional during emotional moments, you can change your brain. The Speak Your Truth course workbook can show you how.

With a dozen different exercises, and 30-plus pages of tools and information on how the brain works during emotional overload—and how you can change your brain's automatic reactions over time in order to communicate more clearly even when you're extremely emotional—this informative and important workbook can help you to recognize and identify your emotions the moment they begin. You can change your brain. And you can change your life!

I've spent years researching and practicing the techniques I outline for you in my Speak Your Truth workbook. With my special focus on "the challenged brain" as a communications coach, I've seen these tools in action. And I know they'll work for you. It's my pleasure to watch you grow and expand with our world. Thank you for speaking your truth today.

P.S. - Are we friends on Facebook? I'm giving all of my Facebook fans a special opportunity to join the Beyond Talk Study Group at no charge this week only. Click the link to my fan page on the right side of this blog, then follow the directions in my recent note to get your spot and go beyond!

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