Feb 1, 2010

WORD OF THE WEEK: Promulgate

Summary: To promulgate is to proclaim or declare. What feelings are you promulgating to the world? Read more posts this week to win a valuable tool that can help you know for sure!

Promulgate – (PROM - uhl - GAYT) to proclaim or publish to the world; to publicly declare, sometimes legally.

Friday, I made my own promulgation that the Speak Your Truth workbook will be available this week in e-book format. I'm so excited to share this with you, so you can begin learning some valuable skills to overcome challenges to communicating clearly. And on Friday, I'll be making a SPECIAL OFFER for first-come, first-serve readers to obtain a discount on the workbook, as well as on participation in my workbook study group. Plus, one lucky reader will win a FREE e-workbook!

How well do you know your feelings? Speak Your Truth will help you learn how to say what you mean to get what you want—even during those times when your brain is naturally challenged by emotional overload.

Do you know what you're feeling right now? What are you promulgating today?

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