Feb 5, 2010

WEEKLY UPDATE: Special Offers on Speak Your Truth Communications Packages

Summary: Congratulations to yesterday's winner of one free Speak Your Truth workbook!

Congratulations, Jon H., for winning yesterday's drawing in Cincinnati! After the Speak Your Truth workshop at Jon's office, he won a FREE e-copy of the Speak Your Truth course workbook. The workbook contains over a dozen different exercises and tip sheets for getting in touch with and understanding feelings the moment they begin in your body, so that you can speak your truth, say what you mean and get what you want—even during emotional overload.

If your brain is challenged to communicate clearly in the heat of the moment, Speak Your Truth can help you. Visit www.speak-your-truth.com today to download the workbook ... and start speaking your truth today!

P.S. - Join my Facebook fan page to win your own offer now! Scroll down and click the Facebook link on the left-hand side of this page. Then follow the directions in my recent note for your chance to win!

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