Dec 18, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER: The Importance of Thank You (by Barbara J. Henry)

Summary: In our technology-driven world, we sometimes forget the importance of the little things, the "small gestures" in effective communication.

The art of communicating gets more and more sophisticated daily it seems. For those of us interested in personal development, it is an opportunity to learn new ways to express our
ideas. There is always a better, quicker, more efficient way to say what needs to be shared, from instant messages to tweets.

But, in our technology-driven world, we sometimes forget the importance of the little things, the small gestures in effective communication.

Let me ask you, how often during the course of a day have you forgotten to say, "Thank you," for the awesome work done, the fantastic meal or the indescribable deal you received from a family member, friend or colleague?

Sure, we know we should express gratitude for what others do for us, and that is exactly what a "thank you" does. These two small words, "thank you," let others know that what they've done is noticed and appreciated. It also tells them that you realize what was done resulted from their concern, love, and appreciation of you. Finally, it sends a clear, unequivocal message that we know no one owes us anything, and when we are the recipients of acts of kindness—whether random or intentional—we appreciate them, and we express our gratitude by saying, "Thank you."

During this holiday season, there will be many opportunities to use these two small words. Let's not forget to use them every chance we get.

Remember: "Thank yous" are expressions of gratitude and appreciation. They remind us of the many reasons for which we are grateful. Let's use them liberally during this yuletide season, and throughout the coming years.

What To Do Next:
1. Consciously, intentionally, and sincerely say, "Thank you," for every act of kindness you receive.
2. Perform random acts of kindness for your loved ones and others in your
circle of influence.
3. Remind small children (they may be too excited to remember on their own) to
express their gratitude by saying, "Thank you."

About the Writer: Barbara Henry is a published author, (Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now) personal development expert, motivational speaker, poet, and avid reader of books on self-growth, self-help, and spirituality, which are the subjects of her blogs and poems. Visit her website:; go to the Titles/Products page and download a free copy of her very effective tip sheet “9 Write Ways to Solve Problems.”

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