Sep 10, 2012

POW: Mind Maps & Vision Boards

Summary: It's third quarter time. How have you met your goals for the year? Check out today's post on two POW Phrases of the Week, mind maps and vision boards, to learn not just new terms, but new tools to help you succeed.

It's POW Phrase of the Week time again. And the two POWs I'd like to share are also excellent tools: mind maps and vision boards. I've been tweeting a lot lately about vision boards (not to mention doling them out as assignments to my coaching clients). I've even started a new vision board for some of my own personal goals.

Not familiar with a vision board? Check out this article with a great explanation, DIY how-tos, sample images, plus some great inspirational quotes by my fave guru Tony Robbins. 

As the article explains, vision boards are great ways to creatively envision your goals and bring them top of mind. The more attention you give your goals, the more likely you are to focus on them—consciously or sub-consciously—and bring them into your life. And when it comes to goal-setting, you can't get more pragmatic than use of a mind map.

So, what's a mind map? Click here to read a basic overview that also lists some of the many uses, then check out my favorite template to share with clients below.

For non-linear thinkers and planners, especially those with ADHD or any ADD-like thinking, mind maps are excellent ways to capture ideas as they occur and (most importantly) act on them. You can write a speech, article or other presentation using a mind map, too. From the linked article above, here's a beautiful and creatively hand-drawn version:

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