Jul 17, 2012

Summary: Welcome back to the Beyond Talk blog! Read today's post to learn more about last week's mini-blog tweet of the word granular as an industry buzzword.

Do you follow me on Twitter (@KealahParkinson)? If so, you've been getting mini-blog posts on WOW Words of the Week—industry buzzword terms like last week's granular.

Granular (GRAN - yeh - LEHR) – Its basic definition is something grainy or seemingly consisting of grains, such as sugar or sand; but in business-speak, it means finely detailed. In other words, it's getting down to the nitty-gritty. Sample sentence: "The client was pleased that Sue's proposal was granularly focused on the service schedule of our project." Etymology: This word entered the English language in the late 1700s from the Latin granule, a diminutive of the Latin word granum for grain or seed. Related word: Granola—which, when used colloquially to mean nature-oriented and/or modern-day-hippie, is decidedly un-business-oriented!

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