Oct 1, 2010

Do You Make the Sunshine (or Do You Make the Rain)?

Summary: Moods and weather go hand-in-hand. But how often do you associate a good mood with bad weather? Today's post gives you a 4-step how-to guide to feeling good (and spreading the love) no matter what it's like outside.

October 1, 2010 is a date to remember—for me, that is. It's my husband's birthday, as well as a beautiful day with near-perfect temperatures. Fall is one of my favorite times of year to begin with; this just gives me another reason to celebrate.

I spoke with my mom when she phoned to wish Hubby a happy b-day, and I asked her, "What should I blog about today?" Her answer was, "Does Your Mood Match the Weather?"

Then she framed it in a light I'd never considered: "Do you get blue when it's dark and gloomy out or do you make your own sunshine and light up the lives of people around you?"

"Wow," I thought. "I've never considered this!"

My mom is definitely someone who does the latter on a pretty regular basis. She, like me, knows what it's like to feel blue contagiously. Gloomy days make for gloomy outlooks. But I remember in my childhood when the rain kept my sisters and me indoors, and the three of us would get cabin fever and start bickering and fighting; it was then that our mother often suggested new games for us to play to enliven our spirits. Today, I know that Mom still reaches into the depths of her resolve to share sunshine with her friends, family and co-workers whenever she feels foul weather creeping up on herself or those around her. Her sunny disposition is contagious, too, just like negativity so often is.

What's your automatic disposition? Is it affected by the weather? If so, you might try a little experiment next time to see if YOU can spread a little sunshine.

How to Spread Sunshine:
1. Think of something or someone that makes you happy, like a favorite hobby, a good friend you've recently seen or a beloved pet. Now imagine how good you felt the last time you were engaged in that activity or with that friend/furry friend.
2. Notice how good you feel in your body during these thoughts. Smile. Imagine that feeling spreading like warmth, and smile some more.
3. As you are conscious of this good feeling, seek out someone near you (co-worker, neighbor, spouse, child, etc.) and smile at him or her. Pay that person a sincere compliment or perform another act of kindness (i.e., hold a door open or offer to help weed the garden). If they thank you, be sure to say, "You're welcome,"—and mean it!
4. Again, notice how good you feel in your body. Smile and even hum a happy tune if you like. You deserve it, Sunshine!

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