Aug 18, 2010

This Week's Brain Challenge: Depression

Summary: Today's post starts off a series on depression and communication.

"I'm depressed!" How many times have you heard this said--or even said it yourself? Your answer depends in large part upon the way your brain works.

The fact is, everyone's brains are different. However, many parts of our brains are similar; just read this ThinkQuest post--complete with illustrations--for a little "for instance" on brain damage and communication. As it explains, the sections that control various purposes in the brain have general locations of commonality. But even those can differ from person to person.

Similarly, our brains function with neurons as connectors, as well as with certain chemicals (found in the limbic system), like serotonin, dopamine and derivative chemicals like adrenaline. A long explanation can be found here, for those of you who are more academically inclined to understand this process. But the bottom line is: The brain is a precious thing, and it's also very powerful. Any disruption in the careful balance of chemicals in your brain can cause reactions that are out of the range of 'normal'--reactions that include the disease of depression.

Over the next several posts, we'll be looking at depression in a variety of forms, as well as ways depression can affect your communication skills and abilities, even if you aren't the person who's suffering from it. We'll also examine how you can improve your ability to speak and to listen more clearly when depression is a part of the message.

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