May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Just a quick post to say, "Happy Memorial Day Weekend!"

That sentiment may seem oxymoronic to some (yes, that's a preview of next week's special word), but there really is much to celebrate.

Memorial Day is about so much more than a 3-day weekend marked for barbecues and family reunions and catching up on lawn work--and where I come from, the Indianapolis 500 Race. It's really a point in time each year set aside for heartfelt recognition to the men and women who have given their lives to keeping America free. Many parades and graveside ceremonies are held to pay tribute to the fallen ones at this time. It's a very serious occasion.

But it doesn't have to be solely somber. One way to memorialize those who've died in action is to think seriously about what freedom means to you. Making a list and saying a word of thanks on behalf of all those who've gone before us--in so many ways--for each and every item on that list is one way to really honor our war heroes with love and adoration and, most importantly, positivity. Happy Memorial Day to you.

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