May 26, 2010

Expert Pages: Way Beyond Talk

Summary: Today's post serves as an update on some other websites where you can find relevant communications info. written by me, coach Kealah Parkinson.

You may have noticed a couple of 'missing' posts over the last two weeks. If so, give yourself credit for observation! (And dock me two points while you're at it.)

My attention, admittedly, has been pulled in different directions as I transition into more article generation online: first as at expert at and secondly as a special education expert in the Chicago area for I also recently partnered with a site called Chiczophrenic, where I'll soon begin sharing communications information that's based on gender speak.

Some of the articles on the other two sites may be very similar in nature--right down to sharing the same headlines. But as time goes by, you can look for more Chicago- and Indianapolis-centric posts at, and for more lengthy, detailed articles on SelfGrowth.

One thing you'll continue to get here at the Beyond Talk blog that can't be replicated anywhere else is a direct line to your communications questions and concerns: You ask; I answer here. It's that simple. Oh, and you can always find vocabulary words here every Monday, something else you won't get from me at any of my expert pages. I hope you enjoy growing together as much as I do.

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