Apr 2, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

So, how has the writing exercise gone for you? In tonight's quick post, I want to touch base with you and see if you've been doing your homework. Well ... have you?

I'm really eager to find out if you've applied the exercise, and if so, how it worked for you. Personally, I have a little creative writing homework of my own to tend to (for my wonderful writer's group), and I may be giving the exercise another go, myself! In the meantime, here's how I converted the blog post on the exercise into an e-article (click the links).

Have a great weekend (especially if you celebrate Passover or Easter)!

P.S. - Here's that etymology lesson from last week, for those of you who haven't looked it up for yourselves by now:

Edentate comes from the Latin word edentare, to make toothless. It can be broken down as e (meaning to take away), dent (of or having to do with teeth) and are (the active verb form in that language). On that subject, watch out for all those bunny-shaped chocolates!

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