Mar 31, 2010

Stop Writer's Block: Put the Writing Exercise into Real-Life Practice

Summary: Today, I list some real-world examples of when you can use the writing exercise I shared with you last week. (Click the links if you need a refresher on the exercise, itself.) When does it work best for you?

Last week, I introduced you to an original writing exercise that uses self-awareness to center you and channel your creative energy. How has it been working for you?

I met with my writer's group over the weekend, where I chatted with some of the attendees about this process. We discovered that, when it comes to creative writing, "switching genres" (as Sabina described it) can be very helpful. Using an exercise like this one is ideal for such circumstances, because it takes your mind off the point where you're 'stuck' in your short story or novel, and moves it onto something new and organic. Once the creative block has been cleared, your brain is free to move fluidly into new ideas that you can use in your story. Try it for yourself and see how easily you can organize your thoughts after the emotional crisis of writer's block has passed.

Not writing something fictional? If you're working on a report for work or for school, you can come to the same point of confusion. Perhaps it's your outline that's really getting you down—as Kurt told me he often experiences. Knowing what you'll say next is vital, but planning this out can create the same frustrations as free-writing. How do you overcome it?

Again, try the exercise from last week. You'll be amazed at how it frees up your brain to organize thoughts that once were jumbled. If it doesn't work at first (and you can spare the time), try it twice. By then, you'll know that you can write coherently on any random subject, and you're sure to have the confidence you need to finish that outline in front of you. Finally, share your experience here. We all grow as writers and thinkers when we can honestly compare notes.

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