Mar 12, 2010

WEEKLY UPDATE: Communications Articles (& Other Resources)

Summary: Happy about posting my very first online article, I've gathered some others you're sure to find helpful. Can you help me test my poll in return?

Happy Friday! Together, we've made it almost to the weekend. Despite the bleak, Chicagoland weather that's forecast for the next few days, I'm extra happy: I'm so excited to have finally posted my very first article on the web! It's been a goal for some time now that I'm proud to have accomplished. (Don't worry: You'll still be the first to know about any new ones I put out there in the ether.)

With articles on the brain, I came across a whole cache of communications-related topics today—and just had to share them with you.

MindTools is a U.K.-based coaching corporation that, like me, offers one-to-one coaching in addition to various resources. They address a variety of categories (including some that we share: leadership skills, problem solving, decision making and career skills), in addition to communication skills. Click here to read their many articles on communicating.

And if you find this helpful, take a risk and communicate with me! I finally fixed the poll problem I was experiencing in the past (I hope) and am waiting with baited breath to hear from YOU about what emotions often get in your way when you want to speak clearly.

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