Nov 16, 2009

WORD OF THE WEEK: Ineluctable Vocabulary Aid

Summary: You can count on Beyond Talk to introduce a new word to build your vocabulary every Monday. But what else is ineluctable in your life?

One of the benefits of regularly reading this blog is the boost it gives your vocabulary. Each week, I feature a new word—complete with pronunciation help—that you may or may not know. The fact is, even if the weekly word isn't new to you, it's always a boon to have a little reinforcement to what you do know.

You might say it's ineluctably helpful.

But perhaps you might not. After all, you don't have to read this blog! But if you subscribe to it, follow it, are a fan of my Facebook page (see the new link box below), tweet me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or regularly check out my website, you haven't got much escape from the weekly vocab words. ... And maybe you're stalking me? Or likely you're really interested in and dedicated to improving your communication skills. (My lawyer and I sure hope so.)

What's most ineluctable in today's society, it seems, is social networking. In case you haven't already gleaned it from the word's usage, here is the definition of today's featured word:

Ineluctable (IN - ee - LUCK - ta - bil) - (adj.) unavoidable; not to be resisted or changed; inevitable. From the Latin ineluctabilis, meaning a combination of "to struggle clear of" and "to wrestle from" and "to dislocate," it entered the English language around 1623.

Some say that in American society, the only ineluctabilities are death and taxes. But many of us find so many other ineluctable instances in our lives. I know that blogging three times a week is pretty much a given for me. So, what's ineluctable about your day-to-day life? ... And if you could change it, would you?

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