Oct 12, 2009

WORD OF THE WEEK: Raillery as Serious Stuff?

Summary: Today's Word of the Week is raillery, which means "light jesting," or "good-natured ridicule." Do you know any synonyms or antonyms for this word?

One thing you won't find in this blog is heavy raillery. In fact, the phrase "heavy raillery" may be construed as a bit oxymoronic. You see, today's word—raillery—comes from the Middle French verb railler that means "to mock." But in modern usage, the definition is as follows:

Raillery (RAIL - er - EE) – (adj.) Light jesting; banter or good-natured ridicule.

Okay, maybe you'll find a bit of raillery in some of these posts. But none of it will be heavy or serious, I promise! Then again, if it were, it would no longer qualify as raillery!

What are some synonyms or antonyms of this word? How many can you think of over the next seven days ...?

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