Sep 25, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Summarizing the Latest News

Summary: This post announces a new change to the Beyond Talk blog in the form of a summary paragraph like this one at the start of each post. I share my own ever-evolving experience with matching my message to my market audience, as the Communications Coach who truly practices what she preaches.

Some of my earliest blog entries read more like newspaper articles than blog posts. In fact, that's exactly what I intended for them. You see, my education and my beginning career work were both in journalism; it's been a dream of mine since the age of 12 to run my own (socially impacting, likely women-centered) magazine. But after about a month, I realized that almost no one—not even my own friends and family—was visiting the blog.

Perfect! Learning to tweak my own communication style was a step in the right direction: Not only would I (hopefully) meet my goal of drawing more traffic to the blog and helping more people around the globe improve the way they interact, I would learn first-hand even more about assessing one's message and adjusting it to the right audience.

What's the best way to match your message to your market? Ask questions (like, "What's the best way to match your message to your market?"). That's what I did with wonderful results. The experience was very rewarding.

I asked the right people—other successful bloggers—who could mentor me in what I was doing wrong, as well as in what was working for me. Among other things, they told me that, although I was well-written and easy to understand, the journalism-based style of my writings was not befitting to a blurb-sized blog. Their feedback continues to enlighten and improve Beyond Talk.

The next latest and greatest improvement begins today, and will be a helpful aspect of future entries: Each blog post will now contain a summary paragraph at the beginning, so that readers like yourself can skim the article and decide if further reading will be helpful or a bit of a time-waster today. (And the summary will also help you bookmark the article for future reference when you may want or even need to invest the time required to read at length and really apply the points presented.) Finally, this new addition will also help you to share any pertinent posts to people you know who may value the information included.

Your time and your attention are valuable—not just to you, but also to me. If you have further feedback on ways Beyond Talk can address your needs, SPEAK UP! I'm here to help.


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