Jul 1, 2009

TRULY SPEAKING: Kealah the Tergiversator

It's true: Even I have been guilty of tergiversation in my lifetime. Although I consider myself loyal—almost to a fault—I've had my share of apostasy and abandonment. Here's an alphabetical list of a dozen examples:

- babysitting
- baton twirling
- choir
- drinking
- Girl Scouts
- gymnastics
- Ouija boards
- softball
- smoking
- swimming
- tap dancing
- youth group

Perhaps some of these don't really count as groups or beliefs I've tergiversated. After all, I still believe in the altruistic and shaping abilities of the Girl Scouts. And I didn't so much as turn my back on my church youth group as a teen as I did ... well, graduate. Furthermore, I may well have decided that tap dancing, swimming, baton twirling, and softball are not for me. But I would certainly never begrudge YOUR passion for any of them, nor try to change your mind about pursuing these.

So, my remaining contestant friends, do any of these hints help?

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