May 8, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Beyond Talk Announces Change for the Better

This week, I heard about an amazing documentary called “Playing for Change: Peace through Music” by Mark Johnson and his crew at The movie, still in production, documents the efforts to bring street musicians from around the world—along with some celebrities, both living and dead—together to harmonize and synchronize on a handful of powerful songs. (My favorites are “War/No More Trouble” and “Stand By Me.”) In an effort to practice what they preach, Playing For Change Foundation was formed as an international non-profit to bring funding to music and art schools to some of the most struggling corners of the globe.

Playing For Change is an organization that speaks the truth as a beautiful mouthpiece for the underprivileged, giving voice not just to their troubles, but also their deepest longings for betterment.

We all desire change for the better, and many of us struggle to make our voices heard. Beyond Talk wants to see you succeed in all your goals and dreams. Our new blog schedule aims to help you do just that! Look each week for the following posts:

MondaysWord of the Week, a vocabulary-expanding post that also spotlights online resources like e-dictionaries

WednesdaysTruly Speaking, dynamic posts that feature common areas of communication improvement for your benefit

FridaysWeekly Update, which gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Beyond Talk to learn the latest in what’s happening with Kealah Parkinson and KiKi Productions, Inc.

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