Sep 19, 2011

Blog Hiatus & Contest Winner: Welcome to Your New Normal

Summary: If you found another blog to help you build your vocabulary while the writer of this one was M.I.A., I don't blame you. Share your fave finds—and read my whiner explanation for absence below. (It may surprise you.)

After a month and a half without WOW Word of the Week vocabulary building—and without posts about communication skills or cognitive/thinking skills challenges; without even personal updates—I'm back! And so are all of these posts and more.

Why the radio (or internet) silence? Life got crazy at the end of the summer as my client list grew at just the exact same moment that my husband and I (and our two cats) moved from a mold-ridden home into the brand new home we'd spent the better part of a year building ... with the amazing assistance of an organization called L.A.R.R.I. that's a division of the United Way. This "organization" is made up of very generous and giving people, and funded by some just-as-generous grants. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for this very amazing gift.

As I enter into this new era of life—in a new home (with a new home office, too!), a new list of clients, and a new book due out this fall—I'm glad to be restoring a sense of normalcy to my day-to-day routine. The fact that this "normalcy" is so upbeat and inspirational is another gift altogether.

And speaking of gifts, or prizes at any rate: I'm pleased to announce (though saddened to announce so belatedly) that the winner of July's blog contest winner is Melissa Osika. Melissa earned bonus points for using truculent in a sentence. For that, she gets pure bragging rights. She also happens to be the winner of a free copy of the electronic workbook that aims to improve communication skills, Speak Your Truth: How to Say What You Mean to Get What You Want. Here's wishing Melissa a new time of new growth in her own life as she completes the workbook exercises and discovers her personal truth. Melissa, welcome to your new normal!

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