Jul 12, 2011

WORD OF THE WEEK: Salubrious

Summary: Do you like word games and building your vocabulary? Read today's post to do a little of both. It's good for your (mental) health ...

In a fit of momentary boredom while trying to decide on this week's WOW (Word of the Week), I played a word game on Merriam-Webster.com. Okay, it's not so much a game as it is a quiz—but to word nerds like me, word quizzes are lots of fun! ... Just more so when you're 'winning.' And, yes, by winning I mean getting all the answers right.

I was not doing so well, myself. The 10-second timer at M-W.com really threw me off. I'm much better on FreeRice.com, where timing isn't everything, but knowing the right word meaning is. (And correct answers help feed the hungry, too.) Despite my struggling to click on the correct definitions to words I already knew (seriously), I was somewhat strangely relieved when I received the visible buzzer banner for a word I didn't know: salubrious.

Salubrious (Suh - LOO - BREE - uss) – (adj.) healthful; promoting health and well-being. First used in the mid-16th century, this word comes from the Latin salubris, which shares the same definition. It's also related to another Latin word, salvus, meaning safe. Its opposite is, not surprisingly, insalubrious. For example: Smoking is a rather insalubrious way to deal with stress.

So, now we both know another new word. Don't forget to click on the pronunciation link above to hear just how to say it.

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