May 16, 2011

WORD OF THE WEEK: Ignominious

Summary: A word I really didn't want to write about, I reluctantly share its meaning with you now ...

Recently, my husband was reading the newspaper when he looked up and asked me, "How do you pronounce this word?" He then pointed to—:

Ignominious (IG - no - MIN - ee - us) - (adj.) dishonorable, despicable, humiliating or degrading. First used in the early 15th century, the word hails from the Latin ignominia, meaning the loss of a good name. A fitting word for the article in that day's news, I find that I just can't bring myself to link to the story, not wanting to add to the shock value. However, I don't mind teaching you the word.

Here's hoping we rarely have the opportunity to discuss ignomy (which can also be called ignominy).

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