Apr 11, 2011

WORD OF THE WEEK: Oporopolist

Summary: I'm a strong advocate of adoption. That goes for words, too! Today, I adopted a word of my very own: oporopolist. What can you tell me about my new little bundle?

Today is a special day, for today I am the proud new mama of a very special word. That's right: I just adopted a word from SaveTheWords.org—the site that asks you to help keep old words, words that have lost their space in the dictionary, within circulation in the English language. And just like when I adopted my very own Cabbage Patch Doll in 1982, I now have the opportunity to sport a t-shirt announcing my new ownership.

But I also get to do so much more.

With Amy Patsy (the CP, of course—who was, to my dismay, already named when we met), I got to braid her hair and unbraid her hair and put it up in a pony tail and then take it down and re-braid it ... and of course, to keep smelling and re-smelling her eternally powder fresh face. But with oporopolist, my options are immensely greater.

For example, I can share oporopolist with you, and you can take her home and use her (or him, I guess) with your own group of friends even while I use her with new people I meet! Ah, if only that had been the case with Amy Patsy. My sisters and I could have avoided so many childhood arguments. ("Don't unbraid Amy Patsy's hair! You make her pony tails lopsided! I'll get you back: Now she's going to wear YOUR doll's dress!" Etc.) I'm sure my mother would have much rather sprung for the t-shirt for oporopolist (a lot less expensive than custom-made cheerleading costumes for our CPs) just for a little peace in the house. Although, she may have eventually tired of hearing her 9-year-old say things like, "Are we going to the farmer's market this weekend? I can't wait to get some ripe watermelon from the oporopolist's stand." Then again, she may have thought it was adorable.

Oporopolist - (n.) A fruit-seller. Unfortunately, because this word has been replaced in the dictionary (by the word fruitier, possibly, or fruiterer even), I cannot share with you the pronunciation or etymology at this time. But if you find it in your out-dated dictionary, please share it with me!

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