Apr 25, 2011

WORD OF THE WEEK: Bibliophile

Summary: If you love books as much as I do, there's one word in particular you should know: bibliophile.

As you can see from my most recent blog post, I LOVE books! I'm so into books that if you called me a bibliophile, I would curtsy in humble thanks.

And if you ever do call me a bibliophile, you'd better know what it means:

Bibliophile (BIB - LEE - o - fiyl) - (n.) a lover of or collector of books. From the French (and earlier Greek) words bibli (or biblion, both meaning book) and phile, or friend, it's literally translated as book friend. That's me!

Check out Merriam-Webster.com's extended definition, similar words and sample sentence here.

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