Mar 21, 2011

We Buy Pretty or Ugly ... Words

Summary: In the interest of adding to our vocabularies—and simply romping through the fields of wordom—today's entry includes several links and lists of all kinds of words. You be the judge to how they sound to your ears.

Kim the Wonder Assistant sent me the best message this week. Here's the line it ended with—complete with individual links to thesaurus entries:

"Have a great and fruitful ... or put in other words ... advantageous, beneficial, constructive, dynamic, effective, energetic, fecund, fertile, gainful, generative, gratifying, inventive, plentiful,
producing, profitable, prolific, rewarding, rich, teeming, useful, valuable, vigorous, worthwhile day!"

Isn't she just fun? (Or good, happy, amusing, boisterous, convivial, diverting, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, merry, pleasant, witty?) You should know that both of our lists of synonyms come from's sister site She also sent me a link to a blog post that had piqued her curiosity. It was about certain words being deemed "pretty" and others being deemed "ugly." She thought I could appreciate it, based on some of my recent blog posts. Boy, could I! I have a hunch that you can, too. So, I found a couple of similar posts, myself, and wanted to pass all of them along to you.

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words
Ugly Words, Pretty Words
Pretty Ugly Words

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