Aug 4, 2010

Submit Your WOW Words Today!

What words do you read, but don't understand? Every Monday, I blog about a new vocabulary word--I call it my Word of the Week post, or WOW for short. Since I have my pick of any word in the English language (and beyond), I have a lot of fun writing these posts each week. My favorite part is that I can select words I'm unfamiliar with, myself. ... Sometimes, I even pick words that are brand new to me, and I get the opportunity to expound my vocabulary (which I love!).

This week, you and I learned together about the word philtrum. Thanks to Merriam-Webster's top ten list series, there are all sorts of categorized words that we can continue to learn together.

But I'm most interested in learning what YOU want to know. So, what words do you sometimes see in print, but struggle to pronounce? Do you guess at their meaning in context only to doubt if you're getting it right? Submit the words you want to know today! And you could be reading about them--and understanding them in full--on a Monday soon to come.

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