Jun 22, 2010


Summary: Beyond Talk is back after an unscheduled week offline. Please forgive the dilatory nature of the recent (lack of) postings ....

Did I say I'd always provide a new vocabulary word every Monday? Well ... I meant it when I said it, at least.

Last week, having returned from my wonderful vacation, I was feeling a little dilatory. That's right: I'm still slowly creeping back into my work life with a sluggish sense of stalling. You could say I'm dragging my feet (but that would be an idiom that not everyone might understand) about entering the "real world." That, combined with additional work-related travel last week--and a lack of access to the internet during that travel--kept me from blogging all week long. I missed you!

Allow me to kick off this week with a bang (pardon the pun, but July 4th is just around the corner): Let's learn together about the word dilatory.

Dilatory (DIL - uh - TOR - ee) - (adj.) From the Latin dilatus, to postpone or defer, this word means to be intentionally delaying, or procrastinating. It can also mean tardy or late-coming. And it sauntered its way into the English language in the 15th century.

What are you postponing in your life? Don't delay the inevitable. Take a non-dilatory approach to increasing your word power today.

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