Jun 10, 2010

Check out LiveScience.com!

Summary: For all you'd ever want to know about the brain (and more), check out this amazing site.

Yes, I've mentioned it before, but forgive me for saying again that I'm the author of an e-book called "Speak Your Truth: How to Say What You Mean to Get What You Want." It's actually part book and part workbook in that it contains more than a dozen different in-depth exercises to help you become more self-aware--and self-honest--so you can then be honest with the world around you, whether at home or at work. And if that weren't enough, I host a study group online where readers of the book can gather to put these exercises into practice and help each other grow.

We meet on Facebook. (Click here if you're interested in joining us!) And this week, we've been learning a little more about our brains. In doing so, I stumbled across an awesome site called LiveScience.com. Let me tell you why I like it so well:

- The writers and editors of the 6-year old site are a nice blend of journalists and scientists.

- The articles are set up in an interactive way--with videos, photo images, and places for you to comment on what you've learned.

- Subjects range from outer space, health and wellness, medical advancements, the human brain, technology, computers--to you name it!

- There are a lot of quizzes (like this one) to help you retain this new info.

- A whole series on the brain exists on the site--including (my favorite, of course) the Lumosity brain training games that improve memory, vocabulary, reaction time and more!

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