Mar 5, 2010

WEEKLY UPDATE: Readers' Delight

Summary: How did you celebrate yesterday's National Grammar Day? What about World Book Day, also yesterday? (I worked!)

How did you celebrate National Grammar Day and/or World Book Day? (Both were yesterday.) Did you read? Write? Read a book to a child? Surf online? In my opinion, that last one counts if you actually read or wrote articles of any significant length or merit. Sure, what qualifies as "significant" is debatable—but I'm sure we can all agree that this blog has value. Right?

Personally, I spent my day pretty much the same way I do every week day: Answering client calls, coaching individuals, working online and taking care of domestic duties. Ho-hum, huh?

Think again! What I do every day is in perfect alignment with these magnificent holidays. My clients have questions for me like, "What kinds of questions should I be prepared for in my upcoming job interview?" and "How do I start an appropriate online dialogue with my colleagues?" We're talking language questions here. And you'd better believe I emphasize good grammar! Of course, reading is a part of my every day—even if the bulk of it is frequently done online. There are a number of other really wonderful blogs (see the blogs I follow, listed to the left on my blog's home page) that teach so much about grammar and word usage. Reading them makes you a better reader!

If you celebrated obliviously, it still counts: How did words play a part in your day?

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