Mar 28, 2010

Overcome Writer's Block with This List of Creative Resources

Summary: This special weekend post contains a list of links for the 'stuck' writer who wants to overcome writer's block.

After meeting with my writers' group yesterday (where we had a serious discussion about writer's block--something most of us have suffered from), I decided to compile a little list of resources this weekend. Here are some wonderful links to get you through writer's block any day of the week, so you can always speak your truth.

Tama Kieves' "Inviting Grace" guided meditation CD/audio file - In this guided meditation, career coach & author-speaker Tama Kieves leads you through an inner journey to the place where your creative self resides. A personal favorite of mine, it has helped me through many 'stuck' moments. She reminds the listener of the truth: "You are creative." - Tama's website also has a number of other resources, including other CDs and audio files, books, article links and workshops--all designed to help bring you closer to your deepest desires and overcome any roadblocks to success.
- Hollywood script reader-turned-online writer Christopher Rice (who has added his own two cents on writer's block to the Beyond Talk blog series on the subject) created this web community for writers of all types to meet, connect and most importantly, share their work. - In addition to my forthcoming article on the subject, GoArticles has a nice collection of videos about overcoming writer's block.

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