Dec 4, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Customized Communications Help in the Works

Summary: Market research is proving that those who benefit most by going Beyond Talk are blog readers with unique brains who can't get their communications advice from just anywhere.

This week, I have some more new changes to announce about the Beyond Talk blog. They’re exciting to me, and I hope they will be to you, too. (And I hope they’ll be even more exciting to your friends and family!)

Erickson Market Research is consulting with KiKi Productions, Inc. (my communications company) to help brand not just KiKi Productions—and not just me—but also this blog. Our audience has emerged, and the demographic may surprise you: The readers who are most helped by this blog are prone to stress and to communication snafus when they’re under stress. (Okay, maybe it doesn’t surprise you that much.)

The human brain is amazingly complex, and new studies and findings emerge almost daily about this new biological frontier. The differences in our brains, from individual to individual, vary more widely than we ever before realized. Some of us—those with chemical imbalances due to mental illness, Attention Deficit Disorder, autism and other developmental disorders, as well as physical diseases that affect the brain—process all the information we encounter in the world on a daily basis quite differently than our fellow humans with so-called “neuro-typical” brains. Communications information that’s generated for mass appeal is not as helpful to people in this sub-set of society.

KiKi Productions, Inc., and Beyond Talk will soon begin specializing in communications coaching at all levels for these special-circumstances clients.

The good news is that parents fall into this specialized category—even if they have normal brains. (Read this 2007 article on how pregnancy affects the brains of both expectant mothers and dads-to-be.) If you have children, I don't have to tell you about the shifts in perspective you've undergone since you first heard the news you were going to be a parent, nor about the day-to-day stress you encounter that's specific to parenting a child who's your own child's age (for example, parents of babies and toddlers often undergo a sudden panic or a temporary amnesia of how to speak to other adults).

Stay tuned for more customized info. that fits your unique brain's communication needs. And don't forget to share with me what you find helpful or what you'd like to know!

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