Aug 5, 2009

TRULY SPEAKING: How to Improve Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a vital part of communication. That's not shocking news. But how exactly does one build one's vocabulary? Is it simply by subscribing to some of the word-of-the-day sites that can be found online? Well, that's one step. But it isn't necessarily a method in and of itself.

Subscribing to word-of-the-day lists or sites is a way of compiling new words, not actually learning them. Learning takes action on your part; once that subscription has been made, you can sit back and let the new words roll in—without taking any further action whatsoever. ... In other words, you can stop working.

But there's no gain without effort in anything in life. Stockpile new words as frequently as you like. (It's one of my favorite personal collections—and it's totally free, yet oh-so valuable!) Then take action.

How do you learn new words? The same way you learn anything new: practice. And just as someone who's been playing the cello for years continues to practice in order to improve, so must a communicator—at any level—continue practicing new words in context in order to improve his or her vocabulary. That's why the best word-of-the-day guides use their daily words in a sentence, so that you can learn context. Join my Facebook fan site today to practice each week's word from this blog. Share your experiences with these words to the rest of us: We could all use the practice!

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